We know well that our employees are essential to success Flokser’s long term business goals.
For this reason we put great effort to develop a stronger corporate culture and human resources management approach focused on our employees.
We persist on being fair to our employees, creating a joyful working environment keeping equality of opportunity, communication openly and benefiting from their creativity.

In order to recruit the right person for the right job we pay attention that applicants during recruiting have the qualifications and competencies required by the job and we recruit employees open to learning new things and aiming success through working together with teammates.


In order to perpetuate the development and better carry out our job we plan and execute trainings involving all our employees and supported by various learning media.

With our most basic perspective we believe that each of our employees has the skills on the job they do. Our goal is to identify the appropriate environment for them to realize their own career prospects, considering equality of opportunity principle in assignments and promotions and appointing employees with potential to new tasks.

For company obejctives to be realized we partner teams and individuals to these objectives, assess our employees with a fair, objective, measurable system and help them realize their goals while doing so.

We belive that our families as well as our employees are also an important factor in our effort to create a stronger corporate culture. For this reason we also include our families too in the center of our human resources practices.