Flokser Kimya Offers Polyurethane Solutions For Automotive Parts Production

Flokser Kimya offers polyurethane solutions for automotive parts production.

Flokser manufactures flexible foam and integral systems for automotive sector such as seats, steering, front console and sound insulation. Being strong, durable, lightweight structure, as well as protective against engine temperature and noise, polyurethane foams keep their high performance even for years of intensive use. Polyurethane systems are widely used in automotive sector and polyurethane foam application accounts for one of the biggest shares of the sector. Many cars’ seats and head restraints, armrests, steering wheel, ceiling, such as interior parts are all produced with polyurethane; it offers real benefits in terms of comfort, protection, energy saving and high environmental performance while helping to reduce driving fatigue and stress. Strong, durable and lightweight structure, polyurethane foams, which provide an ideal use in vehicle bodies with their insulation properties, maintain their original hardness, shape and flexibility even in intensive use.

Flokser Kimya’s flexible foam systems, open-cell structures, high mechanical and flexibility properties are used extensively in the seats and headrests of vehicles. Integral systems are used in areas such as steering wheel, armrest, console with small porous and thick skin structure. Polyurethane foams show high performance in vehicles. The polyurethane integral systems are able to work with high performance over a wide hardness range without increasing the density of the material. Product formulations are designed according to the properties of the requested area of usage.