Double Density Polyurethane Safety Shoes

More Reliable, Lighter, More Comfortable, More Energetic

Safety is obligation in tough working conditions. There are a lot of foot injuries in institutions such as construction, mining, metal, food, logistics, automotive, machinery and chemical industry where physical workforce is high. Making the right choice according to the nature of the job minimizes the risk factor.

Safety shoes developed on the basis of easy application of polyurethane consist of 2 layers as outsole and midsole. While the outsole provides durability, the midsole offers comfort to the user. Outsole, which resists heat, cold, water, pressure, rust and oil, and midsole with breathable structure allow you to stand firm against life as a whole.

In addition to the Flokser’s innovations in the slippers and soles sectors, new polyurethane system, which is called as safety shoes and aims to protect human health, intends to make a difference in this area. Our new product shown in Figure 1, it is possible to produce both the outsole and midsole by replacing only the catalyst component in the three-component polyurethane system.

Component properties, reaction conditions and mechanical properties of the new polyurethane system with the mentioned advantages are examined and the results are given in Table 1.

Table 1. Technical specifications of double density safety shoes

Having antistatic electrical resistance in order to minimize the damage of electrostatic discharge to human body by reducing static electricity and hydrolysis resistance of the outsole for those working in aqueous environments are the two most important features expected from safety shoes. Table 2 shows the results of tests carried out to our products within the scope of EN ISO 20344 applicable to safety shoes found among personal protective equipment.

Table 2. Technical specifications under EN ISO 20344

With our new polyurethane system developed in Flokser Chemistry R&D Center, double density safety shoe system which can be used in midsole and outsole applications has been added to the market. Our company will continue to make a difference with the customer- oriented innovative solutions and give direction to the sector. As Flokser, we are with you on the road to success in your safety shoes business like in other sectors.