Liquid, Colorless
N, N-Dimethylformamide, DMF
Packaging is available in stainless tanks and 190 Kg hair drums. Bulk, IBC, barrel or drum can be given. The product should be stored in a closed and isolated system. Use gloves and boots.
Physical and Chemical Properties

• Molecular weight 73.09 g/mol
• Boiling point (760 mm Hg, oC) 153
• Freezing Point, (oC)-61
• Freezing Point, (oC)-61Vapor Pressure (25oC, mm Hg) 3.7

Apolar is an aprotic solvent. Can be mixed with water and many organic solvents. Slightly ammonia odor and less volatile. Vapors are flammable.

It mixes with water in every ratio. It also melts in ether, alcohol, ketone, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. This product is stable unless there are any acidic or basic effects. DMF has limited solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbon
  • As polymer and resin solvent
  • As a catalyst in chemical reactions
  • In gas absorption
  • As an electrolyte solvent
  • As solvent in extraction
  • As raw material in production
  • In the crystallization as solvent
  • DMF'nin güçlü çözücü özelliğinden en çok film ve elyaf yapımında, ayrıca yapıştırıcı ve kaplama formülasyonunda faydalanılır.
  • Due to the strong solvent properties of DMF, it is used in most film and fiber making as well as in the formulation of adhesive and coating.
  • Use of DMF as a solvent is more economical than a low-priced solvent because DMF can dissolve more solids in practical working viscosities.
  • DMF is especially effective with vinyl polymers, urethanes, epoxy resins, polyacrylonitrile and polyamides. Due to its high purity and selective solvent capability, removal or recovery of DMF, for example acetylene; It is an important solvent in the process of butadiene separation from hydrocarbons.

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